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Upcoming Auditions


October 16th & 17th beginning at 630pm

October 18th Callbacks

Honey McGee Playhouse

313 W. Mulberry Street.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  Pursal scripts are available for pick up during day, $5 deposit required.


Ralph Parker is the adult “Ralphie”. He narrates extensively from opening to close. A master story teller, he charms the audience with vocal style and wit. His warm friendliness extends to both the characters and the audience.

Mother is the emotional rock of the family. She understands each family member and connects to each with heart and mind. Nothing seems to get to her – except the hideous leg lamp is too much for even her.

The Old Man is the hard pressed dad of the family. He bumbles through life, but wants badly to be a winner. He tries changing a flat tire in record time, taming a smoke belching furnace, getting a deal on a Christmas tree, and winning a trivia contest. His greatest talent is creating long, perfectly harmless, fake profanity.

Miss Shields is the elementary school teacher. In real life, she is the hard working sensible school teacher. In Ralphie’s fantasies she becomes an ecstatic scholar and then the Wicked Witch of the West

THE KIDS   (age range  9-15)

All are elementary students – Randy is younger.

Ralphie Parker is the young hero of the story. He must have the Red Ryder air rifle. He is certain he’s figured out how to trick the adults, but he gets surprised over and over. A dreamer and a schemer, he won’t quit.

Randy is Ralpie’s young brother. Cute, innocent, and sweet, but lives in his own world. His playing with the oatmeal he won’t eat is spectacular.

Schwartz is a friend and classmate of Ralphie’s. He’s understanding and helpful, but Ralphie get’s him into big trouble at home.

Flick is Ralphie’s friend and Scut’s victim. He’s the kid who’s tongue gets stuck on the pole.

Scut Farcus is the neighborhood bully. He loves chasing and terrorizing the kids.

Esther Jane is a classmate who has a crush on Ralphie.

Helen is the class genius. Her confidence causes the bully Scut Farcus to steer clear.


A small number of youngsters may be asked to play non-speaking roles as classmates and visitors to Higbee’s Santa Land.

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