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For Ages 18 and under -

Auditions are Monday, Tuesday July 15 & 16, 6:30-9:30pm

Where: Finley Theater, 500 North Elm Street, Sherman.

Directed by: MD Christian

Musical Director: Heidi Scheibmeir

This show will run Sept 6-15, 2024

Character Descriptions for ANASTASIA: THE MUSICAL

YOUNG ANASTASIA is a great role for a younger performer who is ready to take some responsibility onstage. She sings but doesn’t have a solo. SOPRANO

THE DOWAGER EMPRESS is true royalty, and she knows it. This is a role for an older teen actress who can play both the Dowager Empress’s regal bearing but also her deep grief at losing her family. This character sings a solo number. ALTO

TSAR NICHOLAS II is not quite as serious as his mother, the Empress. This role requires some ensemble singing, some acting, and some dancing/choreo. ENSEMBLE VOCALS

TSARINA ALEXANDRYA FYODOROVNA is Anastasia’s mother. This is a good role for a dancer. She appears numerous times as part of the Romanov family of Anya’s memories.

THE RUSSIAN COURT appears throughout the show as figments of Anya’s lost memories. These are good dancing/moving roles but require no featured singing.

These roles include: 1)a PHOTOGRAPHER

2) Anastasia’s three sisters, OLGA, TATIANA, and MARIA, and her brother, ALEXI

ANYA is a street-smart lost princess. Her journey is what the show is all about: her bravery, tenacity, and perseverance make her the hero of the story, even though she’s also a princess. She should be likeable and have a natural sense of comedic timing. This role requires strong singing and acting skills. There are multiple solos and a large range or dramatic, emotional scenes. SOPRANO

GLEB VAGANOV is the straitlaced Soviet officer with a softer side who is tasked with locating Anya. He is the Antagonist in the story. He is doing his best to be a good soldier. This role requires a strong actor and singer. TENOR

DMITRY is a street urchin turned con artist. Although his career choices aren’t honest, he has a heart of gold and ultimately chooses what is best for Anya. He should be charming and have good comedic timing. This role requires a strong singer, actor, and dancer. TENOR

VLAD POPOV is DMITRY’S friend. He is a charming, jovial, intelligent character who should have great comedic timing. Has a solo. TENOR

The COUNTESS IPOLITOV is a featured acting/singing role. Requires strong dramatic acting skills. SOPRANO

COUNT LEOPOLD is a featured acting role, though not a big one. This role does require someone with a strong stage presence and competent singing skills. TENOR

LILY is the life of the party. She is the Dowager Empress’s lady-in-waiting, and former royalty herself. She loves everything 1920s Paris has to offer. The role requires an excellent actor/singer/dancer. ALTO

ENSEMBLE These performers will play multiple roles as MARKETEERS, PEOPLE OF PARIS, CLUBGOERS, RUSSIAN COURT, PEOPLE OF RUSSIA, REVOLUTIONARIES, COMRADES, WORKERS, REPORTERS, and CROWD members. There are many smaller roles with spoken or sung lines, and several featured small roles which the ensemble will cover.

Auditions will consist of:

1) A PREPARED VOCAL PIECE. Please choose a one-minute or less vocal selection that demonstrates your vocal range and quality. An accompanist will be provided and a Bluetooth speaker will be available.

2) COLD READINGS of one or two short scenes from the script